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Re: relative URLS in frames

I'm wondering under what circumstances would someone want to call a url from
'javascript:url'???  What is the point of putting the 'javascript:' in front
of a URL when the relative URL alone will go to the appropriate page?
Please give us the full context or maybe some code to show what you're
trying to do.

Have you tried this?

<A HREF="mynewpage.html" onClick="myfunction()">Click here</A>

This will allow you to execute you function and go to the new page.

If you really want to use 'javascript:mynewpage.html' you could try the next
line.  I haven't tried it as a fix myself but it should work:

 <BASE HREF="http://mysite.com/mypath/";>

At 03:52 AM 2/17/96 -0500, Alicia da Conceicao wrote:
>Greetings all:
>As many of you know, one can use JavaScript to generate multiple frames from
>a single URL file.  (This is particularly useful for CGI.)  Unfortunately,
>though, relative URLS are given a "javascript:" prefix, which screws things
>up if desires the URLS to have a "http://{HOST}/{DIRECTORY}/"; type prefix.
>It is true that I can manually add that "http:" type prefix to all my links,
>but since I plan on dumping a lot HTML into frames, this would be a lot of
>work.  Is there some way in JavaScript that forces all of the relative URLs,
>in a frame outputted by a function to use the usual "http:" type prefix.
>Maybe some assignment to "location" or "links" or something as a JavaScript
>command within the desired frame.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advanced.  Sincerely, Alicia.
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