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Re: Odd onMouseOver behavior

I've seen this, too, in Windows 95 (in fact, I've been scouring the net 
for a message like this):

>Mark Richards writes:
> > I've noticed that if I write a simple "onmouseover" routine like this :
> >
> > <a href="threetop.htm"onmouseover="window.status='Click here to > > learn more
> > about the Threetops golf course';return true">
> >
> > ...  it doesn't always take effect on the first load. 

For me, this happens in a set of onMouseOver commands embedded in HREFs 
attached to six images in a subsidiary frame of a three-frame frameset. 
On initial load, the message associated with the first onMouseOver 
command is the only one that appears in the status line; the others 
just show the referenced filename. When I hit reload, all six messages 
appear, perfectly well behaved (it's sort of a cool effect).

Now, what's weird is that I've got exactly the same page architecture 
on another page I'm developing, but the hotlinks are plain text -- and 
these load first time, every time, at least in Win95 running NS 2.0.

Is the onMouseOver command not supposed to be used with the IMG tag? 
(In the meantime, I'm gonna go look for an autoreload command/script.)

Thanks in advance.

Dave Milley (databear@water.waterw.com)