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Re: Svrolling text bar

>Well, for now there are a couple of advantages of using JavaScript over
>straight Java:
>For one, Java requires (for now) the 32bit browser. Those of use still using
>Win3.11 (those of us in the stone ages)
>can only really play with JavaScript, which works with the 16bit browser as
>Second, Java is compiled (sort-of) and that #$@#$%ing Java development kit
>which contains the compiler SUCKS.
>Third, there are less steps involved in creating pages using JavaScript. You
>just put the code right in the page and
>reload. You don't have to recompile the Java Applet every time.
>I do think that Java is FAR better than JavaScript for "real" applications,
>like online demos and such, but JavaScript
>does a pretty good job for the little things, like scrolling text and
>opening new windows...

Ya, also.. try running a Java applet that does much of ANYTHING on a 486DX
33MHz machine with 8 megs of ram and a 14.4 connection.  It takes between 3
to 10 minutes to get everything going sometimes.  JavaScript is ready
withing seconds.

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