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Re: calculating current time

I have a script that calculates the current date & time for Austin (CST)
and displays it in a scrolling status bar. Most of the time it works 
fine. However, I checked it this morning ( Fri 5:40am CST ) and it was 
scrolling Sat. 17 Fes 1996 00:40:00. Any ideas? Here's a code snip:
<!-- Beginning of JavaScript Applet 

today = new Date()
x = today.toGMTString()
y =today.getHours()
if( y < 6)
 y = 24-6
 y = y-6

z = today.toGMTString()

Also, when my page initially loads, it only shows up to the point where 
the javascrip begins. The scrips plays but the rest of the page is not 
there. If I "page" back and the forward the entire page displays! I'm 
using NS2.0 and WIn 95.