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Re: Resizing window causes problems

At 12:06 AM 2/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a somewhat sophisticated piece of demoware which uses multiple
windows. When I resize the main Navigator window, I get a Javascript error
stating that the subwindows have no properties.

This is a known problem, and the *real* fix takes pages of code, depending
on what you need to do and how foolproof you want.  What's happening is that
when you resize Navigator reloads the frames.  And in doing so, it loses
track of objects and stringd.  Bill Dortch at hIdaho Design has worked up an
update to his set of "frameset" functions and documentation, but so far I
haven't seen him post a message announcing their availability.  I'd look
into this.  I believe the general hIdaho URL is http://hidaho.com.

-- Gordon