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Re: More on scrolling text

hn0049@igc.apc.org wrote:
> I've got a page with frames and I'd like to put scrolling text at the
> bottom of the page (isn't everyone doing that yet?).
> Which html page do you put the javascript in?  And can the OnLoad in the
> <body> tag go anyplace or does it have to come at the end?  I usually see
> it at the end.
> -- Steve
> P.S.  Maybe some Javascript guru can annotate one of those scrolling-text
> scripts so we can see what each function is doing.

It depends on when you want the scrolling text to be there. You can 
put the script in your main <FRAME> document and keep it going for 
you whole site (the onLoad command can appear in the <FRAMESET> tag 
as well as the <BODY> tag). It shouldn't matter where in the tags 
you put the onLoad.

I agree, someone should document this darn thing, mine's all hacked 
up by now...

Gordon Mueller