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Re: Svrolling text bar

Bill Dortch at http://hidaho.com (I think that's the URL) has been working
on a full public domain "frameset" library, complete with docs.  He's
supposed to be finishing it this week.  This is the absolute best source.

In general, though, what you need to do is add an onLoad handler to detect
when the document has been loaded or reloaded.  You also set a global
variable so you know if it's a first time load or a reload.  From there you
can go about fixing up the state.  

Frame reloading is not always easy, as you can lose variable contents, so
you need a method to store these (hidden form fields, cookies).  To do it
right you need pages of code, but most implementations can get by with
simpler approaches.  It is FAR more difficult and time consuming and obtuse
than it should be.  

-- Gordon

At 11:06 AM 2/14/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Could you give me a pointer to the code that does the frame reload
>protection, I must have missed that. Thanks.