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Re: Svrolling text bar

At 11:15 AM 2/13/96 -0600, you wrote:
>I know that there is a java applet that creates a text bar with
>scrolling text, but is there a javascript out there that does the same

Too many.  Check out:


for a listing of various JavaScript resources.  Several have this text bar
thingie will scrolling text.  

Trying to make this marquee stuff more interesing, I came up with a marquee
scripting using frames.  The advantage is that you can change the color of
the text, and make it real big.  See


The page doesn't have frame reload protection, to make it simple.  In a
working page you'll want to add that stuff so that the marquee doesn't
disappear if they reload or resize the page.

Do note that you cannot set a scroll rate below about a third of a second on
any of these JavaScript banners (at least on the Windows palytform).  They
did it this way because of timer and callback issues.  So it means that all
the marquees scroll somewhat slower than the one at Times Square.

-- Gordon