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Re: JavaScript Development Tools

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>On Feb 12,  3:16pm, Manuel Ley wrote:
>> What tools are available for JavaScript to develop applications
>> which communicate to a Sybase 10.01 database that resides on an HP
>> -UX operating system ?
>Right now we are creating CGIs written in C that output HTML/javascript and
>make calls to the Sybase DB using DB-Lib, Sybase's library of C routines.  I've
>heard there's a public-domain program called SybPerl, that makes Sybase calls
>from Perl, as well.  It might be a bit more flexible in CGI apps than C.
>Of course, neither of these really count as "tools".  "Bare bones messier-than-
>all-hell HACKS" would be more like it.  ;)
>Anyone else?
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        I write client/server programs which talk to a Sybase SQL server and
I would be interested in these tools
to allow me to do db stuff from www. Could you post the url to the mailing
list when you're done? Thanks in advance,

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