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Focus method not working

Greetings everybody:

I sent this message yesterday and noticed the last half of my message 
was cut off. Sorry! I am having problems with using the focus method in 
a function that is suppose to validate a field. I have had good luck with
using the focus method to set my cursor to a specific field on an onLoad 
function I have, but when I try to put the focus method in my validate function
it doesn't work. Here is the validate function:

  function validate_uid(obj) {
    if (obj.value.length != 6) {
      alert("\nInvalid ID Length. \nPlease enter a 6 character UID.\n");

I have tried to use both the onBlur and onChange event on the UID field.

  <input type="text" name="user_id" size=25 onChange="validate_uid(this)">

The alert works, the select works, but the focus doesn't. For example, I enter
'12' in the UID field and hit TAB, the function gives me the alert, selects
the text, but lets the cursor go to the next field. I tried this using 
Navigator for Windows 95, Windows NT, and SunOS. It worked on the Mac.
Any advice?

-- Jeff

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