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RE: books on javascript?

>im looking for a good book to start me on JavaScript... the local 
>computer bookstore didnt have any (if they dont have it... no one 
>around here does.)
>anyway... anyone know of a place on the web i can purchace one?  im 
>looking for a beginners kind-of book... but one that explores 
>advanced features, also.

If you want to know some very basics for learning JavaScript before you get
into a confusing book writen by boring rocket scientists, check out
"JavaScript by Voodoo" on the web.  You can find it real easy with a net
search.  It explains very easily the basics of JavaScript... then I guess
you could get a book and start learning more JavaScript stuff, mabey even
figure out stuff on the Netscape site that tends to be real confusing.

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