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Re: books on javascript?

Steve Brandt wrote:
> The books on javascript are basically being written right now.  I don't know of any in print yet.  I have been looking for a while.  
Review Netscape online doc
> That combined with some examples out there and this mailing list are about is good as it gets.
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> Sent:   Monday, February 12, 1996 8:36 AM
> To:     javascript@obscure.org
> Subject:        books on javascript?
> im looking for a good book to start me on JavaScript... the local
> computer bookstore didnt have any (if they dont have it... no one
> around here does.)
> anyway... anyone know of a place on the web i can purchace one?  im
> looking for a beginners kind-of book... but one that explores
> advanced features, also.Soonest that any will be out will probably be in June/July.  I'm writing 
one now for IDG that's basically a combination of JavaScript and other 
technologies like Shockwave, embedded OLE and VRML/Moving Worlds.

I'd be curious to get some feedback and what type of questions people 
have about JavaScript, so that I can try to integrate these into the 
book.  Like everyone else here I'm still learning, but hopefully will 
have a handle on the technology by the time I'd finished.

-- Kurt Cagle
Cagle Communications
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