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Re: Reading from a local drive

On Feb 12,  2:20pm, Gavin Bong Chun Jin wrote:

> I intend to write a script that will read a binary file from a local
> file:/// URL. Is that possible? eg. reading a pkzip'ed file?

You need to use the <form ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" method="POST"> tag
to define a form, and then you need special cgi handling routines to extract
the data.  The tag you use to grab the file is "<input type=file SIZE=30
NAME=pkzipfile>".  This places a text area and a special button "Browse . . ."
on the client.  The client can then specify the file that she wants to xfer.

The cgi routines to handle multipart/form data can be found at:

Mac seems to work well; I haven't tried windows, though.  Unix only seems to
work with small files; larger files get a "connection reset by peer: broken
pipe" error.

Hope this helps!


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