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Re: Frames and window.status

No, it's not a 16 bit version, it's a bug problem, the Netscape 
report bug says that you have to include the Width and Length tags 
for the IMG Url in the HREF. But there's nothing for the text HREF.
The trick works great for the picture, but no way for the text.
>  <A TARGET="Page" HREF="home.html" onMouseOver="window.status='My
>  Homepage
> Welcome Page'; return true">Welcome Page</A>
> this one sits in frame. the whole window has two frames.
> normally I didn't get any of my custom messages in window.status,
> but sometimes, after minimizing window or switching to another one,
> I find them in normal place. is this only in win 16bit version or
> someone else has encountered the same problem?
> Puzzled,
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