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window.status and frames

Today I bumped into strange problem:

I got page with to frames, one acting as toc and another as content.
So, thing I wanted that to overlap standart url location in status bar
at bottom of window with custom messages. the code like

<A HREF="url" onMouseOver="window.status='message'">url</A>

works on non-frame page and fails on multi-frame one.

even putting

<A HREF="url" onMouseOver="window.frames[1].status='message'">url</A>

doesn't solve the whole thing.

Anyone got any ideas? Will greatly appreciate any comments,

Vahan Yerkanian,
Webmaster @ http://www.arminco.com/
Matenadaran Computer Labaratory Chief
Art Director of Multi-M Team, ARMINCO Ltd.