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Javascript commands

Recently, there have been a number of messages on this list requesting 
information about commands. As posted before, the URL for the latest 
Javascript documentation is 
and is part of the Netscape Handbook, easily accessible from the NS 
browser under the Help menu (windows) and under the Apple Guide menu 
(Mac) -- sorry I don't know where this menu item is located on other 
platforms; I hope it would be as intuitive.

Another Netscape URL which may be of assistance is the HTTP cookie 
specification which is 

A utility to whack pages from a site might be a useful thing here. I 
whacked all of the documentation and do so whenever it's updated, just 
check the bottom of the introdcutory page for the date the documentation 
was upgraded. WebWhacker (Mac) accomplishes the task of whacking pages 
and I believe there is a similar utility available for Windows users.

On a personal note: asking if such and such a command exists befroe 
reading the documentation is insulting. In reply to a recent post, yes 
there is window.close in JS - had you read any of the documentation, you 
would have known that considering it's in the first two or three pages.

I hope these URLs will be helpful to people first getting started and 
that they RTFM.

The documentation isn't comprehensive and is far from complete, and 
that's what I thought this group would do, make up for those deficiencies 
- no sporn new ones.