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Re: LiveWire Info?

Kurt Cagle wrote:
> Does anyone on this list happen to know where information may be about 
> the liveWire component of JavaScript, which objects, methods and
> properties are defined?  The only docs I've seen have been client
> side.

Unfortunately I don't know of any public documents on the details of 
server-side JavaScript as used in LiveWire and LiveWire Pro; those 
products are still in non-public beta.  (I don't know if and when we are 
going to do a more public beta.)

However in general the objects LiveWire concerns itself with are those 
corresponding to the current HTTP request being processed by the server, 
the current user or client making the request (this ties in with the 
state management features of LiveWire), the server itself, and the 
database (for LiveWire Pro).


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