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Re: window.open

Bill Firestone wrote:
> I wrote the HTML/JavaScript that appears below.  When I click on the "Click Me"
> button, Navigator opens a new window with the specified width and height, but it
> does not load anything into the window.  If I click on the button a second time,
> *then* Navigator loads the specified HTML document into the already open window.
> So I know that the URL is okay and I know that the windowFeatures is okay
> because the window that Navigator opens has the specified height and width.


> All of the above is with Navigator 2.0 final and 2.0b6a on a PowerMac.  I'm
> testing this using Open File... but as I said above, Netscape finds the HTML
> document the second time I click on the button.

Unfortunately, Bill, this is a recognized bug in the Mac implementation of Javascript and 
should not occur with the Win95 version of NS. This has been a topic of on-going discussion 
at the JS development newsgroup at Netscape. We are told by the great Mozilla themselves 
that this should be corrected with NS 2.1 / Mac (which should also include Java).

> In addition, Navigator seems to ignore the "resizable=no" windowFeatures
> string--it still displays a zoom box and allows resize box and allows me to
> resize the window.

I too have noticed some odd behavior about the resizable characteristic. What I have seen is 
that even if drag a window larger than what it was when openned, the text, graphics, etc., 
won't realign within the window to the larger dimensions. I was hoping, as I suspect you 
were too, that resizable=no wouldn't allow the window to be expanded or contracted at all. 
I'll see if I can get this clarified from Netscape.

Best regards,

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