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Re: Order of definition?

> >Anybody noticed the fact that if ones has a JavaScript definition within
> >a <HEAD> tag, then some non-JavaScript, i.e., plain HTML code followed
> >by a form in plain HTML in the BODY of the document, then the form does
> >not get updated and Netscape JavaScript interpreter gives out all kind
> >of weird messages?  Or am I wrong?
> Can you be a bit more specific?
> I do know that it isn't yet possible to pull the values from a form
> for a select input...Jave will return all kinds of strange values..

After declaring the JS function I tried to use it to update the form thas was
put within the multi-level table (table in table, etc) at the end of my page.
Table was in plain HTML, i.e., I did not use "document.write" to generate it.
When I tried to update the form by calling the function from within the table,
I got all kind of weird messages.  When I moved the form out of the
multi-level table and BEFORE the definition of the table, it started working
again.  I hope that's any clearer.

- Edas