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Re: Talking to another window

SilverThorn wrote:
> Has anyone found a way for one window to talk to another?
> I thought about having one window write a cookie while the other monitors
> the cookie list - but I haven't tried it yet.
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It depends on what you mean by talk, but I think the answer is yes.  If 
you have a window which creates other windows, then if you save the 
window id's of the secondary windows then you can access elements of 
those secondary windows. I know you can use the document.open() and 
document.write() methods to write actual HTML (or data) to the second 
window, and you should be able to put information into JavaScript 
variables there too (like your own window id). I haven't tried the 
latter idea yet though. Here's an example of how to create and store the 
id of a second window, and then write a line to it:

function newWindow(windowName)
  // Bug requires two window.open calls
  w2 = window.open(windowName);
  w2 = window.open(windowName);
  w2.document.writeln("This is an example of how to write to another 
  return w2;


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