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Re: Button script

> George,
> Try this...
> <form>
> 	<input type="checkbox" name="checkbutton">
> <p>
> 	<input type="button" value="check" onclick="form.checkbutton.checked = 
> true;">
> </form>
> It seems to work here.  I have no idea why the other method doesn't work. 
>  It seems as if it should, although it should toggle it back and forth 
> between checked and unchecked.  Perhaps the click() method is not 
> entirely implemented in JS yet.  I have found other things that won't 
> work either.
> One of the things I have been trying to do is set up 2 popup lists side 
> by side where a change in selection in one of the lists causes the entire 
> list in the 2nd one to change its contents.  I tried and tried, nothing 
> seems to work, then I noticed a small xxx NYI in the docs for select 
> objects where they talk about dynamically changing a list.  I suspect 
> that means "not yet implemented".
> Ken

Incredible, but you are right, it works, in spite of documentation which
makes clear that it doesn't work:
   "...if you change the value property of a text or textarea object, the
   object on the form is updated dynamically. If you change the value
   property of any other type of object, the object on the form is not
   updated... "


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