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RE: Displaying IP address?

I have seen both cgi scripts and java apps. that display the users ip 
address and information about the browser and OS that the client is 
currently running. Is that functionality available in JS? Also, does the 
time method display the time on the server or the time on the client? My 
Web page is on a server in California, but I would like to display the 
current time here in Austin, any ideas?

Dale Smith
Austin, Tx.

If you would like to display your local time on the client's side, you could use the toGMTString or getTimezoneOffset method.

For an example, take a look at my time zone selector that I have just written and see if it works around the world ... (I just have to warn you that this page started out as a course project and has a few too many frames and backgrounds ...) 

It would be nice to get any comments on it (besides the graphics), though.

The page is at http://www.kuai.se/~gurra/JavaScript.html

Good luck on your scripting!

Jon Gustafsson