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Scope of functions and refreshing

Its good to see everyone else is running into the same problems I am.  In 
response to someones questions about having functions across frames: 
I tried the code snippet on Solaris and win95.  The function in one frame 
cannot be used by another frame.  I also tried putting the code in the 
document which declares the frames.  I put it everywhere in the document, the 
code was never picked up..  I agree this is a major flaw. 
I have a also have a question on ones ability to refresh the screen. 
I have an array on the client which is declared and filled in by the html.  
The html has a routine which prints the array to a table. (It simply loops 
through the array printing each line with document.write()).  This works 
great.  I then placed buttons on the page to add and remove rows from the 
array.  If I pass the array back to the server, I can test that the functions 
are working correctly and the array is being changed.  The problem: how do I 
get the screen to refresh and draw the current array.  I don't want to do a 
server hit (kind of takes away the power of the array)  and the array is 
created with a cgi script.   
There has got to be a way to do this, even if its NYI (pardon my netscapese).  
Any suggestions.   
Kevin Wiggen 
Applications Engineer 
Oracle Corp.