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I am trying to write JavaScript that displays information in a frame when the
cursor is rolled over a link that is in a different frame.  The gist of this
code is shown below.  I get varying and unpredictable results in different
tests, although within any given test, the results are the same on each

In one test, it works fine except that after it displays the text, it erases the
last word of the text.  It doesn't matter how long or short the string is, the
last word gets chopped off.  In other cases, all of the text flashes by but then
is zapped.  This suggests to me that I'm fundamentally doing the right thing but
that either I'm missing some aspect of this or there is a bug.

Is this a problem with how I am using the close method?  I tried using the clear
method but that didn't work. 

Have you written code similar to this?  Any ideas?



<script language="javascript">


function display_it(which) {

  top.frames.aux1.document.write("Here is the text"); 
  return true;

// end script -->


<a href="precis-text1.html" target="precistext" onmouseOver="display_it(1)">show


<frameset  rows="*,80">

  <frame name="main-toc" src="main-toc-test.html" marginwidth=4 
          marginheight=4 scrolling="no">
  <frame name="aux1" src="empty.html" marginwidth=4 marginheight=4 >