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Performance of onmouseOver

I am using an onmouseOver event handler to display information about a hyperlink
so that the user knows whether he or she wants to follow the link.  Netscape
performance seems to be a problem.  

The HTML code below works (it's just a test case), but when I use the code,
Netscape takes several seconds after handling an onmouseOver event before it
notices a subsequent onmouseOver event, even when the "IF" statement takes the
"ELSE" branch.  

(The document below is actually loaded into a frame.  The text of the frame
document is at the end of this message.)

Is Netscape really doing so much background processing that it's too busy to
handle the subsequent event?  Probably this is a case of my needing to remember
that Netscape is still a very new product and that the code hasn't yet been

Anyone have any ideas about this?  


<!-- This is "precis-caller.html -->

<script language = "javasript">
<!-- script stuff

var whattext;
function displayPrecis(which) {

  var str       = "" + top.frames["aux1"].location,
      lit       = "precis-callee.html";
  var iz;

  iz = 0 + str.length - lit.length; 
  whattext = "The Precis by Thomas Jefferson";
  if (str.substring(iz, str.length) != lit) {   
    top.frames["aux1"].location = "precis-callee.html";
  else {
    top.frames["aux1"].document.forms[0].precistext.value = whattext;
  return true;

// end script stuff -->


<h1>This is header</h1>

<a href="precis-text1.html" target="precistext"
onmouseOver="displayPrecis(1)">show text</a><br>


Frameset document:

<frameset rows=*,*>

<frame name="main" src="precis-caller.html">

<frame name="aux1" src="empty.html">