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Re: Selected values and Javascript

At 4:41 AM 1/12/96, Pip wrote:
>> Whenever I try to use value from a <select> input, Javascript returns
>> the value as Null for the first, Mull for the second, Lull for the
>> third, and so on....Any ideas?
>Apparantly, this is a known bug which will not get fixed by release

Here's more on this from Brendan Eich, in response to a message reporting
the problem:
>What an amusing bug -- it aflicts window.alert(), window.confirm(), and
>window.prompt().  If any of them are passed null as an argument, their
>evil native C code implementations turn it into a string but leave the
>interpreter thinking it's still of object type.  The dereference that
>ensues has predictable results, although on big-endian machines you get
>null, nulk, nulj, ...
>This won't get fixed for 2.0, so beware.  Thanks for finding it!

As for your other question:
>I tried finding the news message that went into a little detail
>about it, but couldn't get _anything_ out of the
>netscape.devs-livescript news group where I think it appeared. I'll try
>again later.

The name of the newsgroup was changed from netscape.devs-livescript to
netscape.devs-javascript.  Try the new name; you should find all the old
messages still there (i.e., if you select "Show All Messages" from the
"Options" menu).


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