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Re: Documentation and Good Examples.

JavaScript is indeed something different from Java. Java is a compiled
language JavaScript is a scripting language built into Netscape's WWW
browser. Java applets are distrubted as classes (seperate files from the
web page which calls them) JavaScript is writen into the HTML page itself.
While JavaScript and Java share similar syntax they are NOT the same
language and the book on Java will give you only general help on writing
JavaScript programs. Java is MUCH more complex and able to do MUCH more
than is JavaScript.

>If by Javascript you mean the Java language I recommend
>Java! by Tim Ritchey, New Riders Pub.
>It comes with a CD which has some applets.
>If Javascript is something other than the Java
>language I'd like to know what it is.
>thanks -a
>> Hi all,
>> I was wondering where I can find some documentation for Javascript
>> beyound what Netscape offers at their site.
>> Also are there any good examples out there? I mean beyond the unit
>> converters and intrest calculators :)
>> Thanks kindly for your help.
>> Arbi  Khodadadi
>> ak75@columbia.edu
>> Stop Making Sense
>> 18:47 EDT on Thursday, January 04

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