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Re: Accessing server-side files: A Counter

hecker@netscape.com said:
> Server-side JavaScript would allow you to keep a server-side variable 
> like this.  Server-side JavaScript will be supported by the Netscape 
> LiveWire and LiveWire Pro products, which are add-ons to Netscape's 
> Web server products (e.g., Commerce Server).  Server-side JavaScript 
> is interpreted on the server system, and in essence is an alternative 
> to CGI/Perl scripts for this general type of function.


What are the LiveWire and LiveWire Pro products? Why are they needed
in order to use server-side JavaScript? Do they "compile" JavaScript
somehow? I'd like to learn more about JavaScript and especially
server-side JavaScript but there is so little hard information about
them. The netscape web pages don't give many details... Thanks.