Pink Cog

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden was done on plywood, the dimensions of which are about 1'x2'. It is one of those completely accidental paintings, created with the leftovers of another, larger work (Lotupus, I believe - photo not yet available). I started out trying to make a landscape painting, and failed miserably. So I got really pissed off and just started making random lines and circles and squiggly things. After about an hour, I had run out of space and paint, and hated the damn thing. Stuck it in a corner and didn't even look at it for two weeks. When I finally did set eyes on it again, I almost fell over. There were all kinds of neato hidden things in there! A unicorn. A fountain. Trees. A path. Birds. Butterflies.

So the name The Secret Garden seemed appropriate. And now I love this painting. I did make the mistake of giving the painting to my ex-boyfriend, but took the liberty of reclaiming it when I kicked him out. He didn't deserve it anyway.