Pink Cog


Blue is the first large painting I created, and also the first truly abstract one. The background is my favorite to paint with, Ultramarine. I painted Blue sometime in the fall of 1994, in oil paint on masonite. Its dimensions are approximately 4'x4'.

I always saw Blue as a happy painting and found it quite beautiful. That is, until the night I hosted a party at my old apartment and a friend of mine, who was slightly under the influence, showed me something I have since been unable to ignore. The "bubble" in the center contains several sets of handprints and a spiral of multicolored paint. In this "bubble," my friend pointed out several shapes that together formed the face of a little girl, whose hands are pressed against the interior of the bubble, struggling to get out.

Disquieting. I looked back upon the period in which I painted Blue, and came to the conclusion that the girl was rather symbolic of my mindset at the time. But still very creepy.