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Bike Stuff

  • Bike Doctor - the people I used to race for
  • Bike Lane - a bike shop near my old house that's pretty cool
  • Cannondale Bikes - home of my road bike, my downhill bike, and the cross country bike I just sold
  • Ride DC - where DC locals pimp their rides, organize outings to pimp their rides, and post pics of their pimp rides
  • Gary Fisher Bikes - where I got my trusty Mt Tam
  • MTB Review - bike reviews, trail listings, a wealth of information
  • Performance Bike - cause they're good to have around in case of emergency
  • Ridemonkey - where the bike-obsessed obsess over bikes
  • Santa Cruz Superlight - I lust uncontrollably after this bike
  • SixSixOne - where to get the gear so you can do ever stupider stunts
  • VentureQuest - adventure race I did in 2001, but never again. Hate canoeing.



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