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The hell with this, show me the pictures!

My Initial Account of the Race

We started everyone off in two bunches, 20 minutes apart, all-male teams first and then the coed and all-female teams. You had to cross the start line hobbled (one person in the middle attached to the ankles of the other two). We did that fine. The race then proceeded in a clover-leaf pattern as follows:

The BIKE RIDE, 7.5 miles of *HIGHLY* technical single track stuff (read: big roots, big logs, big rocks, big uphills, big downhills, and big streams). I ate it within the first 5 minutes of the race (though, if you consider that's the first time i've wrecked since i started mountain biking, that's fairly impressive). It happened on a steep downhill with lots of rocks and roots, i hit one of them wrong and flew straight off the bike. Took most of the impact right around my left hipbone (it's now a pretty shade of purple) and then on my elbows. No blood, though! lay there for a second waiting for the bike to hit me on the head (it didn't), then got up and began riding again. The course was technical enough that everybody ended up walking their bikes through about a third of it.

Back to the start/finish/transition area. We had to complete two skills tests before continuing the race. The first involved blindfolding a team member, receiving a cup of skittles, and directing the blindfolded person on how to sort them by color. Then there was an orienteering portion where we were given a topographical map and told to find 3 objects. We would have done much better at this one if we'd had a compass!

Then on to the RUNNING portion, which consisted of 4 miles of wooded trail (some of which we had already covered on our bikes).

Back to the transition area, where we now completed a barrel-rolling test and a coordination test which involved us being given four blocks and four pieces of rope. The ropes went through holes cut in the blocks, and we had to get all three team members across a marked space using the blocks as "shoes" and without any team member touching the ground. I ended up piggy-backing.

Then on to the CANOEING portion - we ran about 1/2 mile to our rented canoe, which came with three life jackets and two paddles. The third person (me, since the boys were both better equipped to row a lot) was supposed to complete a "leave no trace" quiz, which involved answering questions about doing things outdoors in an environmentally friendly fashion. Once we got to the finish ramp of the canoeing portion, we turned in our quizzes. Those who got all the answers right received one egg each, those who missed something got two eggs each. We must have gotten something wrong... Our next task was to run back to the transition area carrying our eggs without breaking them. If we broke any, we had to pick up all the pieces (shell, yolk, and all). Luckily, we didn't break any...

Then back to the transition area, where we completed the last of the skills tests: a wall climb and a mud crawling thing (crawl/slide over the mud without touching the ropes positioned at about 6-8 inches from the ground.

Then, we triumphantly crossed the FINISH LINE!!!

RANKING: 18/25 coed teams, came in ahead of 3 of the all-male teams (keep in mind they left 20 minutes before we did), and somewhere in the middle of the all-female teams. Completed the whole thing in about 4.5 hours.

We were bloody, muddy, exhausted, and in some pain, but we did it holding hands and with big ole grins on our faces! we each received a "medal" certifying that we had completed the race, and got our pictures taken.

So, once the race was done, we proceeded to hoses provided by the organizers and cleaned up some. we then went to the food tent, where my parents met us with a bottle of champagne. The champagne, however, lost all interest the minute we saw the pizza. There was an ecstatic chorus of "FOOD!!!!" as we rushed towards it... Eventually we took off for the hotel, where we showered (aaahhh...). Got on the road around 3:30, passed out within 20 minutes, and slept most of the way back. Got home around 5:00, immediately collapsed on my bed and didn't wake up until 8:15 this morning...

PHYSICAL STATUS: covered in battlescars. Bruises all over my legs and a few on my arms. Scratches on my elbows and knees from falling off the bike, more scratches on knees from the mud crawl (yes there was a little grit in there too). Rash on my chest from a chafing sports bra. And that big fat bruise on my hip from falling off the bike. A little sore around the shoulders. Still pretty damn exhausted.


BONUS POINTS: completed the race with blue nail polish fully intact, and while wearing a black velvet sports bra (so very gawthic of me!).

My parents took a whole bunch of pictures. There were also photographers positioned throughout the course, snapping shots of us as we went, as well as cameramen from HTS filming the entire thing. I will be taping the HTS show when it airs, for anyone other than myself who might be interested.


  • my parents, for showing up and their undying support
  • wussie and bobert, for showing up and thereby missing part of renn faire, and for driving karen
  • karen, for lending me her sooper dooper bike
  • everyone else, for all your interest and support, and for putting up with all my chattering about this for the past few weeks

On to the pictures!