The Alarm Clock Dream

   Every so often, my annoying alarm clock's alarm creeps into my dreams.
Some time ago, I had a dream in which I was with my friend Laura Peters.  Laura
once drove a VW Rabbit.  In my dream, I was riding with her somewhere.  She had
a minor fender-bender, and when she backed up after bumping the car ahead of her, her reverse-alert wouldn't stop going off.  It was like that reverse-alert that trucks have when
they back up.  She couldn't make it stop.  I told her to take the car out of reverse gear,
which she did.  No success.  Then, I fooled around with a switch or some wiring near the
gear-shift, to no avail.  The person she had bumped was getting angry, yelling at her to turn
the reverse-alarm off.  She was getting upset.  I got out of the car, and disconnected the
battery, but still, the alert continued to make noise, and it was getting louder.  So, I walked
around to the back of the car, and started to look for the reverse-alert speaker-wires to disconnect them.  I had just crawled under the car when I woke up...  to my alarm clock's annoying, beeping whine.