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Re: JavaScript to Java Applet Communications

Richard J.Boulianne wrote:
> Hello ,
> These quotes are directly from Netscape's JavaScript documention
> >  Use JavaScript to glue HTML, inline plug-ins, and Java applets to
> > each other.
> > JavaScript complements Java by exposing useful properties of
> > Java applets to script authors. JavaScript statements can get and
> > set exposed properties to query the state or alter the performance
> > of an applet or plug-in
> I'm trying to figure out the way for glue Html to Java applets via
> JavaScript. The documention seems to indicate this is possible but I
> haven't found the documentation to do this ....
> Has anybody any ideas on how this can be done ?
> Thank you in advance
> Richard

JS Docs also said that some stuff wasn't implemented yet.  I believe that is 
one of the things that fall into that catagory.  Guess we'll have to wait for 
Netscape 2.1 after Netscape and Sun finish figuring out the next step.

Lance D. Braud
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