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Re: frames larger than one screen

>I am trying to have a bunch of frames on one page than in combination take
>up more room than one screen.  I can't figure out how... Help!

sorry that i don't really have time to test this out before i actually use
it but try this:

for your index page (or default depending on the server) just create a file
that has:



<script language=JavaScript>


onLoad="window.open('http:your url','newwindow','width=X,height=Y' //add
window characteristics);

this should send your client to the page that is the size you want it to
be. what i don't know is if there is a safety mechanism within the browser
that senses that the window size is larger than the monitor size there by
preventing the formation of a window that is larger than the screen. i hope
this helps and i am sorry that it is so vague. this is actually an idea
that i have been mulling around in my head and haven't had the time to
actually test it.

good luck.


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