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Re: Sound loop.

You can never get it "seamless" because each location = xxxx requires a hit
to the server (regardless of whether the sound has been cached).  I'm sure
Netscape will add a BGSOUND tag, but for the time being, Java or a plug-in
will work.  

I think I know what you want -- something like a rumble or spaceship or
motor noise as a low-level background. While I think this is cool (given the
bandwidth) the fact that I don't see many IE-enhanced sites use BGSOUND says
to me it may not be all that welcome to users.  I know I hate to visit the
Sci-Fi channel site because even at 28.8K it takes too long to load, what
with their graphics and sound files and everything.

At 01:16 PM 2/21/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I've tried that in a test page. Results: I Recommend NEVER try this:
>var timerID=NULL;
>document.write (navigator.appCodeName + "<br>");
>document.write (navigator.appName + "<br>");
>document.write (navigator.appVersion + "<br>");
>document.write (navigator.userAgent + "<br>");
>function loopsound () {
>  location="jungle1.au";
>  timerID=setTimeout('loopsound()',5000)
>It will annoy the heck out of everyone. Well what I want to do is play 
>a looping audio file seamlessly. Well I guess Shockwave or Java will 
>probably play a looping audio file better than JS. Unless there is a 
>Plug-in that can do this. What's better is if it can do this using 
>continuous streaming.

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