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Re: Window.open(), won't load lpage on first try

> Actually, this is a problem on Solaris 2.4 (NS 2.0b6) as well.  As for 
> not being able to open a location into a window that doesn't exist, that 
> isn't true. It works fine if you do the window.open(url,windowName) 
> twice in a row. I have the following JavaScript working just fine on the 
> Mac.

Right, that's why you have to call it twice, because the first time
the window doesn't exist.  After the first window.open opens the window,
you can have it open a location.  I remember Brendan Eich on the netscape
javascript list saying this was a bug in macs, but if it is also like 
that on other platforms, it wouldn't surprise me.
(wish they had better documentation for all of these unique "features" of