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Re: Changing the toolbar &c ?

At 23:59 28/01/96 -0500, you wrote:

><FORM NAME="myform">
><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="Button1" VALUE="Open Sesame!"
>onClick="window.open('stmtsov.html', 'newWin', 'toolbar=no,directories=no')">
>I have been fooling around with this snippet and would like to insert it
into my own 
>code for the first page of a site I'm developing. I'd like to remove the
tollbar, the 
>directory buttons and the location window while at the site. I suspect this
would be 
>put in the onload declaration within the <body> tag. If possible I would
like to 
>return the browser to the user's setting with the onunload declaration also
in the 
><body> tag.

Seth, the window.open feature does not have any effect on the main netscape
window, but only on windows ie ones with names.

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