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Ack Oop post

What i was trying to get at was this:

Whenever I had a script with a simple document.write call in it, Netscape
would pack up its bags and go home to its mother.

So here's the question:

Does anybody else have problems with loading in a local page into Netscape
for some local viewing?

When I write:

<!-- Hiding from the most unworthy browsers

I get:

Syntax error:

Funnily enough, I was able to include to hiding command once I uploaded the
document to the web server.

And, by the way, a document.write command *does* work after the page has
been rendered.  kinda.  I wrote a script which will take the results of a
form, clear the entire page and render a new one with the information from
the form.  It crashes the second time I access the form, so I'll have to go
back and work it over some more.  The beta code (for the beta scripting
language...) is located at:


(And yes, the code from David Nagy-Farkas' Running Total is used with


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