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Questions to Netscape about JavaScript:

If anyone from Netscape is listening/reading I have some questions for you.

1) I am beginning work on a JavaScript book. Who do I talk to at Netscape to
get information about it (history, etc.)

2) will <script Language="" > allow for other languages in the future? 
Can a plug in act as an interpreter for this other language?

3) with <script src=""> if the  .js file has <script src> files in it as 
well, will the Navigator open and read them as well? What about infinite 

4) if you can use such things as onMouseover without the script tag, what 
happens if another language want to use that keyword?

5) Other companies are "supporting" javascript - what exactly does that mean?
That your JavaScripts will run on those platforms? that netscape Nav can 
talk to them via JavaScript?

6)Could you PLEASE put a date on the DOCs listed on the web site so that
when a part is updated we can know so and fetch it?

7) Are you planning on releasing any code libraries?

8) Are there any debuggers planned?

If anyone could answer any of these I would be grateful.

Andrew Wooldridge, Webmaster of the JavaScript Index