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CFV: comp.lang.javascript

Hello all,

I am the proponent for comp.lang.javascript, and I wanted to let you 
know that there is currently a CFV (call for votes) for c.l.js. 
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post the CFV to this list, because 
it is against UseNet voting rules. However, I am allowed to post a 
pointer to the CFV.

If you're interested in voting for or against the creation of this 
newsgroup, you can find the CFV in one of three places. It has been 
posted to:


The easiest place to view it is in news.announce.newsgroups because 
it is a very low volume newsgroup. The instructions for voting, and 
other information related to the possible newsgroup is contained 
within the CFV. Look for a subject line of "CFV: comp.lang.javscript."

Hope everyone gets a chance to vote! I look forward to getting 
involved within this list as well as the newsgroup, if created.

Best regards,

Thomas Winzig         thomas.winzig@pvo.com
ProVisions Online     http://www.pvo.com/pvo-plus/