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Re: Javascript Wish List

At 3:53 PM 1/5/96, SilverThorn wrote re using "file:" URLs to load
JavaScript from local files:
>That would work for the most part, but the problem is, how does the
>web author know what your path name is to your file/files?
>It would be great if there was a way to use the database that the browser
>uses to keep track of allyour links - to have some canned names for such
>things as "header" or "myclock" that point to files on your machine.
>I am thinking though that you could initially download a web game into
>this database, and play yourself without network activity until your go
>outside of the scope of data that you have downloaded already - whereupon
>the browser loads more data....

I'm not sure what you mean by "the database that the browser uses to keep
track of all your links".  The main "database" that reminds me of is the
cache of downloaded pages and their URLs.  A concept some customers have
mentioned to me is that of a "pre-loaded" or "batch-loaded" cache, namely a
set of pages that could be loaded into cache in one fell swoop, and then
updated pages could be picked up off the net using the normal browser
caching mechanisms.  I could see lots of uses for this.  (Note that I don't
have any firm info on whether we're planning to add a feature like this,
although I do know it has been submitted as a requested enhancement.)


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